A woman struggling to get pregnant becomes embroiled in the criminal underworld with her potential egg donor.

JESSICA NIEVES-SANDERS (Yara Martinez) is a lot of things – a New York City high school drama teacher, a loving wife to her nerdy husband GORDON (Joel Johnstone), and two weeks shy of turning forty. She’s also broke, tired and hormonal as hell. Why? Because the one thing Jessica isn’t yet, is a mother. Even with her body chock-full of expensive fertility drugs, like many women her age, Jessica struggles to get pregnant. 
After multiple failed attempts at in-vitro fertilization, Jessica and Gordon must face the facts. If they want to be parents anytime soon, they may need to explore alternative options such as using a complete stranger’s eggs to conceive, a notion that Jessica likens to being cast as an understudy in a hit Broadway play about her own life.
Fate, however, has a funny way of intervening, and after stepping in to defend a stranger from a group of thugs on the street, Jessica meets BRIDGET GARCIA (Andrea Londo), a young savvy con artist with a long list of unpaid debts and on a mission to find a new pawn. The scuffle sends both women to the hospital where Bridget cunningly hones-in on Jessica’s desperation to be a mother. To repay Jessica for her kindness, Bridget offers a “life-for-a-life” exchange to donate her fertile eggs for a steeply discounted price of five thousand dollars.
Unbeknownst to Gordon, Jessica, eager to bond with a donor rather than selecting one off a piece of paper, strikes the deal, but shortly after, skeletons from Bridget’s past show up and kidnap the duo. Realizing she's been played for a fool Jessica quickly finds herself plunged into a dangerous and exhilarating adventure maneuvered by the criminal underworld.
Gordon sets out on an audacious goose chase to save his wife and finds himself having to hatch a plan using all his IT skills, and his failed amateur magic, to fight against the goons. The final turbulent showdown leaves everyone questioning their own motives and how they wound up in such dire straits.​​​​​​​
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